A short science fiction horror novel



God cannot be kind, merciful and just.

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ReinVEGANation Raw, is a short novel about planet Huw and the super Intelligent Huwites raising billions of genetically modified tortured humans with big brains in cages for their delicious brains.  Humans live a hellish life on Huw as food commodities and slaves.
The Huwites are in complete control. As they say on Huw, 'There is no match for having more brain' Or are they ? For one thing, they seem to have lost control of a Huwite terrorist escapee that is struggling to free human commodities and slaves.
It's a thrilling story about intelligent life on distant galaxiesreincarnation, transfer of life from one to many and existence of a just God. Each chapter leaves the reader in suspense and ready for the next. It's a rich and satisfying story, though not for the squeamish. I highly recommend it. It's a delicious read.
Angela Bellacosa